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I’m ready to sell my Darkness.

For a long time, I’ve jokingly called my 10-year long struggle with depression and life ‘research’ for the autobiography I would one day write. 

But the downward spiral I was in would have never gotten me to that ‘one day’. My story would not have ended happily ever after. So I decided to write the book now, while I’m still fully in it. To share the experience of being blinded by darkness while it is still happening every single day. To make sure the important nuances of my life don’t end up as vaguely remembered anecdotes. To help myself and help others just like me. 

By writing this book, I gave myself an outlet for my darkness and creativity and (possibly) created a way out of my financial struggles by finally fully owning up to my darkness. Because what is fully mine is also mine to sell. So that’s why every copy of this book, buys you a piece of my darkness. I’m selling it all. Because I’m ready to part with it.

What you’ll get is a deep insight into a mind clouded over by darkness. Solutions to be able to cope with depression, be it yours or someone else’s, and an insight into what it’s like to have someone dealing with depression in your family. On top of that there are a few ridiculous, but true, stories sprinkled in to make this book somewhat entertaining as well, because this book is meant to help you cope with darkness not drag you down with me. 

My Darkness is for sale. You can buy it here.

(Pictured above: A pretentious photo of the writer staring into nothingness)

Before you buy, you might want to read a chapter.

All this talk about darkness, dark visuals, and written by a first-time author… I can understand that it doesn’t immediately spark your desire to buy this book. So, instead of ending up with something that you don’t want, why not read a chapter first so you can get a little taste of what’s to come when you do buy it.

A piece of my darkness

Great! You’ve gotten this far, maybe you would consider buying my book and helping me fulfill some of my creative ambitions and aiding me in my financial struggle. Also, I promise it’s a good read.

  • Darkness for sale (ENG)

    20,00 Incl btw
  • Darkness for sale (NL)

    20,00 Incl btw

Diary of the Dark

As if an entire book was not enough for me, here we are with some more words. Darkness for Sale was written in a dark time and those dark times are still with me to some degree. ‘A look inside of a mind clouded over by darkness’ still holds true, but now it’s after the book, during this new chapter of my life. So enjoy some more of my thoughts!